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After my HP Pavilion gave me the BOOTMGR MISSING message, I followed the directions to make a Vista Recovery Disc. I did that successfully and attempted to boot from the disc, but I'm not sure should Install or Repair. If I click "install" I enter the product key but then receive the message "Windows cannot open the required file E:\Sources\install.wim. The file does not exist..." When I click repair I get the next screen where it says 'select an operating system to repair', but there is no OS listed, so I click load drivers and I get 'insert the installation media for the device and click ok to select the driver' (i assume i need the vista disk for this). There is nothing to click so I click ok and a window comes up with the option to search for a setup information file I am not sure which file to select, when I click on the dropdown menu I can see the laptops folders like 'desktop, system, public, computer, local disk (C:smile:,hp_RECOVERY (D:smile:, OS_TOOLS (E:smile:, cd drive (F:smile:, Boot (X:smile:. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I just realized this is probably in the wrong forum, I'm new here and don't know much about computers. Sorry for the confusion.
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When you get to bit where it can't find the o/s, click next.

Select command prompt .

DISKPART {then press enter}

LIS VOL {then press enter - make a note of what it says.}

EXI {to exit diskpart}
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lis vol says:

Volume 0, C, blank, NTFS, Partition, 141 GB, Healthy
Volume 1, D, HP_Recovery, NTFS, Partition, 8 GB, Healthy
Volume 2, E, 2007.11.03_, UDF, DVD_ROM, 120 MB Healthy
Welcome to NST Ptzumd,
Try disconnecting the other HDD before you try the startup repair, and it'll probably see your OS.
If it can now see the o/s, click on the o/s to highlight it, click next.

From the command prompt, type:

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /fixmbr
hey, I know this is a bit old but while searching this is what I found that matched about exactly what is happening to me (made disk, tried repairing, doesn't show os etc). I can't unplug any HDD because it is a laptop but what is next. Here's what i get which is:

Volume 0 E blahblah UDF DVDROM 120mb Healthy
Volume 1 D RECOVERY NTFS Partition 10gb Healthy
Volume 2 C _________ NTFS Partition 139gb Healthy

* went ahead and selected vol 2, after that went back and there was still no OS showing up.
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Try clicking "next" without selecting anything. Sometimes that'll do the 1st repair and the OS will reappear. Then you can do another 2 repairs till the OS boots again.
If that doesn't work, don't do "startup repair". Try "command prompt" from the same screen and use the recovery console to run a chkdisk /f or /r against your C: disk.
It'll take a fair while, but it might fix whatever's preventing the boot from repairing.
Then you can try the "startup repair" again.
thanks ill keep trying and see what happens. if all else fails i'll probably just re-install. I'm just helping a friend try to figure this out and thought it was going to be a quick fix haha, i guess it never is.