Vista recovery

colin williams

New Member

I have a sony vaio vgn fz11z.

I know this similar to a lot of other threads but I can't find an answer yet.

After not being able to boot my pc even into safe mode or "go to last good configuration" and having no restore points, I decided to try to "recover" it. I have managed to back up everything and i tried to do a "complete system recovery" which didn't work. I got the boot manager error that a critical driver was missing.

I've tried start-up repair and that just does nothing for an hour.

I've tried wiping everything and doing a complete luck.

I've done a diagnostic and have no hardware problems.

When I was backing up my data I saw desktop.ini in most folders.........

Ive tried re-doing the bcd backip.

Please help!!!!!!!!!

How do I start again!!!!! I have my data but I just can't recover vista!!!!!
Do you have a recovery disc that came along with your computer for re-install? If you boot from a Ubuntu live disc to wipe out all the partitions on the hard drive you may be able to use the recovery disc to re-install.