Vista Reinstall/Keep programs


Hey guys i havent been here in awhile everythings been working well however i believe my hard drive maybe failing as 9 times out of 10 when i boot my PC now it runs at like half speed everything takes forever. Ive run disk checks and all that but everything comes up good so my guess is somethings gone corupt in the O/S.
I'd like to try and reinstall a copy of Vista over the installed copy i have now to bring the O/S back to defaut,,, but if that works,,, i dont want to loose all my program files etc... Its such a pain reinstalling all that stuff.
So my question is what options do i select when i get into the recovery tools from my Vista DVD??
Any info would be much appreciated.
Hi J, have you tried all of this to clean the system up before resorting to a reinstall.
Have a look at your running services, with reference to this and this. There's generally a lot of superfluous cr*p gets started every time you boot unless you take steps to prune it a bit.
I'll take a look at those thanks,,, i only have 3 programs that run at start up (antivirus, welcome center and vista sidebar), ive run CCleaner and tuneup utilities reg cleaner etc... Im defraged and optimized but still every other time i boot its a bad slow half speed boot. This morning it fired up slow but after a shutdown restart its been fine ever since,, running great right now,,, so i dont know what it could be might be the new update that i see others complaining about.
Also somehow my system restore was shut off so i cant default back to before it started doing this,,, infact i dont even remember when it started doing this but i did have a hard crash while typing an email about a week and a half ago and ever since then things have been wishy washy.
Thanks for your help
I had an ME system that I used for about a year which ran all my apps OK (that's why I kept using it), but had some features which just didn't work as specified (My Docs etc from Start just wouldn't work and I had to use workarounds). No matter what I tried to fix the malfunctioning bits, nothing helped.
Eventually WUD had a failure and MS helped me fix it but advised a reinstall anyway.
When I created a new clean system, everything worked again as per spec.
Sometimes, there's just no substitute for a nice fresh install.
At least if you do it from a controlled situation rather than a dead system, you can back up all your user data at the last moment and put it back completely up-to-date on the new install.
Yeah well i just installed vista less than 3months ago surley it should last longer than that but yeah something may have gotten gooped up somewhere. So tell me how would you easily "back up all your user data at the last moment and put it back completely up-to-date on the new install" if there was an ez way to do that i wouldnt have a prob with it which is why i was asking hwo do i reinstall just the O/S without it removing all my programs and files? i have 98% of my important stuff backed up on another computer and dvd's/flash drives but just such a pain to reinstall everything and re- update etc....
Anyhow thanks for any info Terry i do appreciate it.
You can't save your programs. You will need to re-install those as well, but a copy of your files is good to have. If you got backup software capable of creating a disk image, you should do a fresh install, get all of the essentials installed and updated, and than create an image of it so you won't haft to do as much work the next time you need a clean system.