Vista Reliability Updates Released Early


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Turns out they're the same as the beta versions that leaked last month (as verified by MD5), but now they're official.

They were rumoured as recently as Friday to be part of Vista SP1, I can only assume that Microsoft decided that they were too important to wait.

(Just realised that I should have posted this in the Vista forum, sorry CG!!)
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No problem, Peter.

Thanks for the verification of the MD5 - I was just wondering that myself :smile:

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I'll be honest, I didn't but a usually reliable source did. (I don't know how...someone teach me...?!!)

I must say though, they seem to be working...this morning my Vista booted up much quicker and there isn't a single warning, red or yellow, in the event viewer, and that is a first, for my machine at least.
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I haev installed thse back when htye leaked. Not bad. They have improved some of the performance that i was looking for. But i know someone who said it made their 64 Bit system worse.
It's bad enough that they disable any and all known forms of disabling driver verification - but that's to be expected, MS are being such pratts on this!

But honestly, though it has improved things Vista is still so damn slow... if only Vista SP1 would hurry up and leak already! :tongueout:
They made quite a difference in my machine - for the better. For the first time in history my event viewer is a sea of blue.