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If I wanted to use MS Vista removememory, how do I use EasyBCD to use this? In my Vista 64bit I need a boot option to force max memory ~ 3.25GB or so (due to 4GB issues with a game and my PVR 150).

Hi odie,

You can use the Advanced Options screen in EasyBCD to accomplish this:

That's a bug for sure.... thanks for spotting it.

You can temporarily work around it like this:
EasyBCD | Useful Utilities | Power Console
Type this in at the prompt:

bcdedit /set {current} removememory 768
+1 for me for reporting a a bug! :grinning:

Do you mind posting back here when that is corrected? There is a game (Armed Assault) and a PVR card that will not run with Vista with 4GB and above and I'll like to tell the users about your tool. Having a boot option will make everyones life easier.

Also, for now how do I tell EasyBCD with boot option to use? I assume that {current} is "current" boot option that I had selected on startup?
BTW, when setting removememory [manually to get > 100MB] you are no longer able to go to advanced settings. Please see attached screen shot of the error (since the removememory value is greater than what you are suppose to set in the Advanced Settings).


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