Vista restore cann't find location


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I have down loaded and made a disk for the vista 32 bit, form you site yesterday. It seemed to work properly. I ran Startup Repair and Memory repair without problems, both shows no problems found.
When I Clicked on WINDOWS COMPLET PC RESTORE, an error message Saying: NO Valid Back UP Location could be found. Can’t find on hard disk or DVD's; Attach correct & restart restore. The problem is I have no other Hard Disk and the restore disk I got on the purchase doesn’t work either.
So now what should I do. I'm not very computer wise so please respond in lay terms if possible. It’s a compaq presario V6000, if that matters
Thank you,
Hi Patrick, welcome to NST

Our recovery disc is only for repairing the boot and using system restore. Installation and Complete PC restore cannot be used. To use Complete PC restore you'd need a backup image of your hard drive when everything was working any way.

Try system restore (not complete PC restore). See our wiki for startup repair and manual recovery instructions using the command line.

If the above doesn't work out, you will need to contact Compaq for a recovery set or borrow a Vista DVD from a friend, using the product key on the sticker attached to your computer for the installation.