Vista restore points being trashed anyway!


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I've been using EasyBCD to dual-boot Vista 32 and XP Pro for some time now. All seems well. The Vista partition is not visible when I boot into XP. I unhide ihe Vista partition before booting Vista--exactly as one should do.

I just checked the system restore points in Vista, however, and discovered, much to my surprise, that only restore points since my last XP boot are available. So it seems that XP is trashing my restore points in Vista even though the Vista partition is not visible from XP.

What is going on here???? :S
That's the first I've heard of such a problem... :wtf:

I can think of a several possibilites that might be behind it:
  1. It's a coincidence. It just so happened that the last system restore point is the one from since you rebooted. Highly unlikey, but to test create a manual system restore point then boot into XP and back to test.
  2. How are you unhiding the Vista drive? Perhaps XP gets a chance to modify it before you get to boot Vista?
  3. A change to XP causes this behavior perhaps?
At any rate, this is weird!
Finally got around to doing test under point 1 and that's it--XP is not trashing Vista restore points. Thanks for the suggestions.