Vista RTM + Creative P17


Hi! I have Vista RTM x64 on:
MB - Gigabyte GA-G1975
CPU - INTEL DualCore D930
RAM - 1Gb Corsair Extreme Edition
HDD - 250 Maxtor SATA
Video - ASUS EN7600GS

Everything runs fine but i can't get the sound to work. The sound is onboard - it's a Sound Blaster Live 24 (Creative P17)
I think i posted this in the wrong section. Sorry!
No problem, I just moved it to the right section now.

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, Jack.

There's a difference between Onboard Creative and External PCI Sound Cards by Creative.

In Windows XP what exactly is the name and driver version for your sound in Device Manager?
Does manually installing the Gigabyte drivers from the Device Manager (after extracting them to a folder) work?
Yes they install but they don't work.
Here is the message - Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)
Yes I was. So I have installed Vista x86 and now I have sound!!!!!!

So - big tip for you people DON'T INSTALL VISTA X64 if u want your sound to work!
Yeah, you'll need to wait for the signed drivers to ship :frowning:

Anyway, x86 is faster, slightly less stable, and much much more compatible. Why use x64 :wink:?