Vista + Server '08 Datacenter: EasyBCD is Ignored

I recently installed Windows Server 2008 (Datacenter edition) on a computer that was already running Windows Vista Business 32-bit. Both OS's are on the same physical disk, each with its own partition.

After installing server '08, the computer booted into Server automatically. I successfully installed EasyBCD 1.7.2, and saw that both Vista and Server 08 were already listed as boot entries with correct drive assignments. But no matter what I do I can't get a boot menu to come up when I reboot the machine. I tried re-writing the MBR, deleting Server from the boot list completely, etc.. still, it always goes directly into Server 2008 without asking.

Any suggestions?
Hi Jim, welcome to NST.
Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management so we can see where the flags are, and copy/paste the EasyBCD "display settings" text in debug mode.

My mistake. I had NOT tried deleting the Server 2008 boot entry at the time I wrote the post (I don't think). I deleted the boot entry, got an error that said the operating system could not be loaded, and used my Vista install disc to restore both Vista and Server installations. Everything works now.

Thank you for your reply though!