Vista Service Pack One


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so i have been holding out on installing the update. as far as i can tell from my friend machine, there is little difference.

I have not had many problems ever with vista. Security wise or anything.

so is it important that i update? or can i hang in no update zone for a bit?

how long is safe for that?
These are not questions that can be answered easily. Since it is mainly a personal preference thing. I know some people who got issues after installing SP1 while they had none before. But i ahve also seen the same thing the other way. People have issues before but not after.

I have also seen the thing where people isntall it and see no difference. In all honesty i would install it. You may not notice a difference but there are some fixes in there that are not available any other way.

Vista SP1 Changelog -

There is some nice info to read up on Vista SP1. If you decide against it the longest i would hold out is just a couple of months. That is when they most likely will start to roll out the updates that require SP1 to be installed for them.
^ okay thank you

yes, i have a few friends that have updated to SP1 and for the most part they have little problems with the new SP.

i just want to leave my Vista allow for now. i have had major OS issues in the past, and if its working, why fix it i say. ^_^

thanks for the link btw

i was checking out that site you gave me

when are more Ultimate extra coming out? the last one came out a year ago already
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I don't think you're an HnS user Donald, so it probably won't concern you, but the only problem I had after SP1 was that it replaced the bootloader and HnS needed rerunning, and after rerunning it had mysteriously regressed to an earlier non-working state.
I'm happy to report that as of 1 minute ago, when I installed build 41, that even that problem seems to be fixed.
The only other point of caution. Near the end of the last phase (98%) of the SP1 install, the system apparently froze (no monitor, mouse or keyboard), and someone else here who rebooted the system with similar symptoms, had a clobbered installation.
I could still see disk activitity on the LED so I left it to its own devices for another 20-30 minutes, till I was pretty sure it had stopped doing anything.
I rebooted then and everything was fine (save HnS - as above)
^ alright thank you Terry for your concern ^_^

yeah i dont use it, i dont have a need for XP atm. and i dont need to "hide" vista from linux lol
Your welcome Kahai for the info. Me and a few other people put that Wiki page together thrut he Beta stages fo the SP. So it was a time consumption piece.

As far as teh Ultimate Extras...good luck. Dreamscene was the last thing i knew of that went final instead of "Beta" and that was about July or Aug of last year. Since then they have not put any info out about these "Ultimate Extras" So who knows when or if we will ever see them.
that sucks

especially for everyone that paid for ultimate in full, expecting a ton of extra stuff for it, and so far they only have 3 extras :frowning: