Vista sleep mode hang up and shut down


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ive read alot of these forums and i havnt seen anything even remotely close to my problem, so you might have your work cut out for you

first specs:
ASUS p5q-pro mobo
2 Western Digital HDD's ones 250 others 500
4 gigs ram
geforce 8800gt lastest drivers
windows vista 32bit ultimate with sp1
cpu is an intel dual core

this concerns the little yellow button on the start menu that looks like a power button, but instead sends the computer into sleep mode. ive dubbed this button the suicide button. becasue after accidently pressing this button, my computer seems to have comitted suicide. it starts with my computer entering sleep mode, and when i hit the power button the bring it back, no video comes up. so then i decided to reboot the computer. i competely shut it off, let it sit for a minute, and turn it back on. now what happens is no video comes up, and the computer shuts itself down after about 45 seconds of being turned on. then it goes and turns its self BACK ON and continues to turn its self off and on until i hit the switch on the power supply to kill all power. when i turn the power supply back on the cycle has stopped. i tried turning the computer back on but the cycle just starts over again.

i read a thread you had befor on sleep mode problems but i didnt see one that looked like this. i cant even get to bios to change the boot drive to cd so that i can boot from a vista cd and try and fix these problems, its lunacy.

plz help me, im sorta experianced with computers, so i can prolly handle most of the fixes you suggest.

I've seen Vista work through every command by the user to shutdown/go to sleep/reboot, regardless of whether the powers been cut. If you hit the sleep button more than once it might very well go to sleep for each time you pressed it. Let it do its thing 2-3 more times. If you continue to get issues you may have ruined your install. Boot from a Vista DVD/our recovery disc and attempt startup repair.

In the future you may want to go to advanced power settings in the power properties in control panel and set the button to shutdown rather than sleep so it does as you had orginally wanted.