Vista SP1 + BSOD


Ok, before I start I want to say that I've been searching for hours and battling against the fallout from finally wanting to upgrade to Vista SP1. However, I haven't found anyone who has encountered the same problem as me.

To give a brief rundown of what's happened:

- I decided to install Vista SP1
- After doing the part inside Vista, my computer restarted but then wouldn't boot
- It was giving me the "corrupt ntsokrnl.exe" error.
- I eventually managed to fix the hal.dll problem and my PC booted.
- It then automatically continued the installation of SP1 and reset itself automatically to finish.
- Upon attempting to reboot, it gets to the Windows Green Bars, but after about 1 second it does a BSOD.
- Unfortunately the BSOD disappears after about a second too.
- I ran the Vista StartUp repair, which tells me that "A patch is preventing the system from starting".

I can't access Safe Mode in any format and I can only access Command Prompt via StartUp Repair. I'm pretty much stumped as I have no idea how I can work around this error.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Edit: I've also just gone through the whole Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD guide, but had no dice.
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May you take a look at my post HERE!

As the BSOD is producing a Crash Dump File you can read that file and get a explanation as well.

Hope that helps a bit
SP1 ? better late than never I suppose.
Unfortunately SP1 Windows Update had a problem for many users. (I was one)
At stage 2 99% complete, the system appeared to crash (dead mouse, blank screen)
However, examination of the HDD LED, revealed continuing activity.
Those users who re-booted crashed the update, leaving a crippled PC.
I went away, had a cup of tea, returned 30 minutes later, and checked for absence of HDD activity before hitting reset.
Luckily the PC booted into stage 3 and completed successfully.
Your first option, is to use the recovery ISO "system restore" from the menu screen instead of "startup repair", and go back to the restore point that WUD set before starting SP1.
If you don't use system restore and have no points to go back to, then start by using Ubuntu to rescue your data, before you factory reset the PC and bring it fully up to date with SP1/2.