Vista SP1 RC Refresh # 2 shows as "SP1" Only


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Someone posted the registry hack to enable "SP1 Refresh 2" (build 6001.18000) via WU on the Technet SP1 forum and I just managed to copy it before they deleted it (I believe it's only supposed to be available to Connect people who originally subscribed to the beta programme).
Anyway, It shows in System Properties as plain old SP1, no beta, or version # or RC # etc.

Also, no watermark.

That leads me to believe that the final RTM is just around the corner.

The only drawback that I've spotted is that it wiped all my previous restore points.
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Who knows at this point. If they are gonna release it soon why not jsut make this refresh#2 into RC2? That would be my first thought. Cause they usually go for at least 2 RC builds before they go final.
I'm told that it has no evaluation time stamp either, although I'm not sure where to check that out.
After a restart go Start Orb>Run>winver. That will bring up the Window sVersion Window. (Duh i know form the name right) That will tell you if there is a Eval time stamp or not.
This is what it says...
No that would mean that they are close to final. As they have removed the timebomb and the RC stamps. Cool. Now send over how you do that to me via PM....:tongueout:

Cant wait for it to go final. Have to re-install Vista at that time but oh well.