Vista SP1 x64 erroneously appearing on Windows Update


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Several people have reported this happening in MSFT Newsgroups, even to machines that didn't install the registry hack that enabled refresh 2 to download.

This is just an FYI.
I have seen this as well. With the news that Microsoft has pulled SP1 for now. This is strange to see SP1 showing up on machines rather than it being delayed.
Wow.. I'm starting to feel real sorry for MS now.
First it was the Vista RTM fiasco.... then SP1 delays, then issues with the SP1 pre-requisite updates, and now SP1 mistakenly going out to WU.... :blink:
Well I wouldn't go as far as shedding a tear for them, but I'm sure someone is getting an earful as we speak.


Maybe it is genuine. One of the MVP's just posted that he thought it was a controlled release. I find this bewildering. One minute it's March or April, now it's

Someone else posted the version:
So it's definitely RTM.
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