Vista SP2

Thx for the tip, but that seems almost more time consuming than just rearraning my 4 gadgets to right order? Maybe im wrong?

The idea is to fix what Windows is messing up at boot. Running this batch evertyime you boot instead of having sidebar start automaticallly to copy over the correct settings is about the only other way I can think of fixing this, aside from digging down into MSes code which I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate. Once its setup and scheduled to start everytime you login, its just like its auto-starting.

If my gadgets were vanilla, used as supplied, I'd happily experiment as you describe. Unfortunately several of my gadgets are repositories of information which are there specifically to keep data at my fingertips between boots, so deleting and re-adding them would be extremely counter-productive.
I did do something similar early on with those gagets that are used as supplied, without any customization, but it made absolutely no difference to the way they're numbered or the way the sidebar behaves since SP2.

I understand completely, but there's no way to back the data up? Well renaming the sections manually shouldn't hurt though. You could try that.
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I've found a workaround elsewhere on the web, which I'll share here for anyone interested.

Since this is a 64bit Vista problem, all you need to do is ensure that the sidebar is started not from Program Files, but from the Program Files (x86) folder instead, and everything works as before.


(only problem is I'll never know if they come up with a fix to the x64 version)
Lots of other stuff duplicated too, Games, WMP, Defender, IE8, Mail and Photo Gallery to name a few.
Well I guess thats a good thing, like in the case with the problems you've been having. Than again, no wonder the 64-bit install requires additional space.
I've got another foible which might or might not be related to SP2 which I'll put here in case anyone else is having similar problems.
It started happening around the time of SP2, but I've been doing so much fiddling around with the TV tuner card on various OSs recently (all the agro with W7 setup and my TV card detailed elsewhere), that I can't definitively state that SP2 was the trigger.
It relates to the WMC which on first use each day (fresh boot) always says "tuner busy or unavailable".
I tried all sorts of things including uninstalling the OEM software for the TV card and clearing all traces with Revo, in case WMC was unable to access it because something else had genuinely got there first, but even with nothing else in thes system, WMC still claims it's busy.

I've eventually found a workaround, which is to

Stop the Windows Media Center Receiver Service, then
Start the Windows Media Center Service Launcher,

which auomatically starts the former again, at which point the WMC is able to access the tuners.
I had this problem before. I've let Windows install all the drivers for my tuner and havent used any of the software provided with it, so just basic media center. I re-configured the tuner and it started working again. Not sure if it was cause of restarting the service (which it probably did when I was resettting it up). I guess another task to add to your startup :tongueout:
The stupid thing is I've got all the WMC services set to "automatic".
The WMCRS is "started" at boot, but needs to be manually "stopped" then "started" by the WMCSL.
Then the TV works.
The appearance of the services is identical before and after the workaround, but the TV just won't work until this little ritual is performed.
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I read this with interest. Just another thing to add to my watch list for things that can go wrong with my new x64 system, when it finally gets here.
Alienware say July 20, keeping fingers crossed.
Terry, have you had to install the x86 version of IE7/8 in order to get flash working? (Adobe are working on an x64 version).
Sorry to digress.
You don't have to install anything. In Vista x64 there are 2 copies of the program library, and the stuff is all duplicated. I use IE so little that I haven't had occasion to bother with letting it add Flash for me.
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Thanks. I guess I'll have to deal with that when it happens. I read elsewhere that people who wanted to use IE8 and Flash had to physically install IE8 x86, obviously I'll have to read further into the matter.
By that time hopefully Adobe will have issued an x64 version anyway.
Just put a shortcut on your desktop to the c:\program files (x86)\ IE8 if the x64 gives you problems.