vista starts then crashes

I have had several days of headache play a game online game crashed and vista
display scrambled just see outerspace with lines and dots I have tried repair f8 last known good launch removed last driver for nvidia geforce and reinstalled driver all lead to another crash and same results I got it to reboot after many attemptsm then play game and same results crash. when It reboots fiannly I start and restart 10 time no problem resart again and it goes to repair mode again serch for resore point
then reboots and try game same crash any help apprieated
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Its the driver. Either its not the newest one or there is a compatiability issue with it and other software on the computer such as the game you are trying to play. Do you get this problem when you do something else with the computer?

I'd run a virus/spyware scan just in case. You might be surprised what you find...

By the way, this isn't a bug with neosmart software, so it shouldn't be here. It'll be moved later on though so don't worry about that...
sorry didnt know really how to post
I did run virus scan memcheck and right from command promdt sfc scannow and chkdisk is running now it seems to have hung on4of 5 stageat 38%
I down loaded new driver after all this started hoping it would fix problemi went back to old driver via restore point and same crash and reupgraded new driver still crashes It will work fine if I dont play game, but when I shutdown and restart it has same scramble display thanks
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Is this an old piece of software Certifried ?
Is is supposed to be Vista compatible ?
Have you tried running it in compatibility mode ?
played many times

I have played it for a year and a half on this comp. I rolled back my driver for nvidea to 9/07 and now it crashes when I try to open solitare maybe i need to reinstall vista? never done anything like this before.
You don't want to use an older driver (unless the new one is causing the problem). You mention this is an online game so there might not be much you can do other than troubleshooting the problem with the site's owner/staff. Or if you meant "online game" as a program on the computer that connects online, make sure you got the latest updates for it. With computer games especially they don't always fix everything before the final product is released so it is quite common (especially on the more popular titles) that you will need to apply some updates down the road. A re-install isn't always the best solution but it usually fixes problems (had to re-install on my desktop myself this weekend). If you're using the older version update it first and see if that fixes things.
brief history

my original problem I was play game cd based on my comp through gamespy online my game crashed and so did windows vista my reboot just looked like a lot of dots and lines outerspace sort of
I repaired as prompted
restarted tried f8 and last known good bootup
all these have worked 1 time and have not worked many other times
I then upgraded nvidia driver
still get same result playing a game or not then rolled way back on driver to test problem
i can shutdown 5 times and restart no problems
then restart and it wont restart --- I end up repeat all of above
I have opened 10 programs at once no problem
I tried to play regular solitaire and it crashed
I am right now sending this reply from the troubled comp
so far all end in crash
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It sounds like the sort of system corruption I'd use system restore to back out.
Do you have any restore points old enough to get you back before the 1st crash ?
Otherwise it's looking like, rescue your data and then clean reinstall Vista.
I'd set a system restore point before playing the game in future too.
Though if you've been playing it for a long time, it's probably only coincidentally involved.
Thanks Terry thats my fear
so rescue the data i will need to learn more of
using vista back up and restore i did back up files but not sure if to right place
i have several comps networked by LAN but it wont let me back up to them without name and pw i dont have any pw
I D L from cnet a program macrium reflect and was going to by external hd to save or back up drive to
As long as one of your computers is setup for network file sharing create a share and make sure that you give a user account that you know the username/password to on the machine permission to it. You should be able to access the share remotely than by giving it the username/password. User accounts cannot be used remoetely over a network if they do not have passwords.
Yeah I tried to set up a user profile and pw and I did but had poweroutage and when my xp comp rebooted it booted with new user as admin and I cant find old admin settings so i spent last 2 days resoreing files and sttings useing search for folenames and hve my xp almost back where it was
Now I bought external drive to make backups of my vista drive C has os on it drive E has recovery and D is DATAm and I made a rescue disk so I believe I am ready to reinstall Vista Should I also back up E recovery disk? any other special tips before i run recovery or reinstall vista?
Your recovery partition will not be usable after a re-installation (unless you restore to default settings by booting from it) so it won't do you any good. Make sure you have the recovery discs handy though if it provides you the option to burn a set in case you want/need them later.
Still have display issue I have ran recovery and installed original default settings and restored backup
i am still have a system crash that restart eill not fix i have reinstalled recovery several times I have started in safe mode and rolled back video driver disabled video driver any game i try system is crashing now then i tried restore points and continually crashes can this be a hard ware problem?
I have tried most currant driver 12.03.08 all way back 4 drivers to 9.07 same result
also when I run restore c drive am I reimporting maybe same problem should I use system restore and then restore backup files only or do I have to reinstall all programs then You guys have been great I like reading other treads on here thanks
A re-install of everything would be best to determine whether its hardware related. This includes everything... OS, drivers, programs, etc. Have you ran any diagnostics on the hardware to see if it pulls up anything?
Yes I did reinstall through system recovery and only tried a game that crashed . A 2nd time of whole system reintall actually started with a scrambled screen before completely booting up. Last night i found a memory scanner program (default already on system) dont know if it was HP or windowsas it was runninf it said problem on hadrware found after restart information would be displayed contact manufacturer to diagnose, upon resart system would not sart went through several repiar modes then seystem restore and is backup now. It shows problem reports and solutions nvidia grapics driver new but will not coonect to read .wow over 2 weeks now so much fun
HI done some research and found problem with hp dv9000 series laptops with nvidia8400-8600 graphics cards( other comp brands also) chips over heating and destroying card and mother board some have paid $400 for repairs others have gotten extended warrrenty repair. I last nite upgraded BIOS 1 thing I had not tried. wow Praise God Its working today. I have been shuting down and rebooting all day. and playing my original Axies and Alllies RTS game on line no crashes and top left corner of computer case is not hot to touch! its always been hot. I elevated of of my desk with blocks and finaly bought a fan to sit on. I am amazed I was ready to send back to HP thanks for help here.