Vista Startup problem


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Forgive me for being a complete wally but i've a very unhappy child with no laptop!!
I have a Acer laptop with operating system Vista and it wont load. I start it up and a screen comes up saying to run repair(recommended) and start windows normally. I have tried the repair and I either get a blank screen but can use the mouse or an error message to say the application has failed. I have also tried to start windows manually and it takes me back to the original screen.
I then tried to press F8 as suggested by other users on here and tried to use the reapir button, the same thing happened and then I tried to restore to good point, the same thing happened. I also tried to use the safe mode and by this time am ready to lob the laptop out the nearest window!!
I can see some users have been told to use a disc, by my daughter has lost hers....typical!! I tried to use my other daughters but it is a fujitsu siemans vista disc. Not sure it will work and as I'm not confident with using the lappy wondered if i could make it any worse??
Any help would be gratefully received and perhaps my sanity maybe a little restored.
Hi queenjan, welcome to NST.

The other disc should be suitable for recovering the computer, though I'd haft to look at it to confirm that (One that is will have a GUI that loads with a big "Install Now" button and a "Repair my computer" link in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Take a look at our wiki for screenshots and detailed directions for repairing Vista.

Have you tried "Last Known Good Configuration" from the options menu you get when pressing F8? This option should fix Vista so that it boots with the same configuration that was used the last time it was booted successfully.