Vista, startup restore failure


Hello all. Vista appears to have died on me this afternoon. Any help would be much appreciated. It contains a load of work for a new job I started a month ago, which If I've lost will leave me $%$^%'d.

My system is an acer 6930g. I have not boot disk. although I may have made a copy intially when advised for emergencies

The problem. Windows wont load past startup restore. It attempts to fix the problem..

when clicking whether to send the details to windows It gives the problem details as

Problem Event name: SartupRepairV2
Problem Signature 1 autofailover
Problem Signature 2 6.0.6000.16386.6.6001.18000
Problem Signature 3 0
Problem Signature 4 65537
Problem Signature 5 unknonwn
Problem Signature 6 missingOSloader
Problem Signature 7 0
Problem Signature 8 3
Problem Signature 9 fixbootconfig
Problem Signature 10 2
os version 6.0.6000.
local id 1033

clicking view diagnostics and repair details it identifys the the root cause as boot manager failed to find the os loader.
it trys file repair and gives the error code 0x2

Recent actions.... I installed some new photo software from a disk from canon 450d on my system on friday night. I may have also installed windows updates. When I booted up my syste this morning (ironically to try and back it all up) it seemed to be updating an installed bundle from Acer, acer arcade. This is never used, I don't know why it was open. I wonder if the new photo software clashed with it. When I exited the software vista then died and startup repair died.

Things I have done....
No access to safe mode, goes straight to startup restore
System restore, depsite thinking I have, i do not have any restore points.
Checked memory, no problems found.

I have two dvd's which have backed up the system a couple of months ago via nti back up (came with the acer bundle) so i assume I can try and reinstall the whole system from these.

My biggest worry is that some of the data that I have saved in the past couple of weeks is extremley important. My upmost priority is to save this data even if I have to do a clean install after that


p.s I have nothing naughty on my system. I have kept it secure and uptodate!
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Hello Roxley,

Rescue your data with an Ubnutu live CD. Choose the option to use without installing and than when you get to the desktop use Places > Computer to access your files and copy them to external media.
Thanks, downloading as we speak and will use guide to rescue folders. Any suggestions on what may have caused this and how to avoid it in future?
After making sure that your user files are safely backed up externally, use your Vista DVD (or our recovery disk if you don't have one), boot to "repair your computer" / "command prompt" and run chkdsk /r against your OS partition and see if it can fix enough for the "startup repair" to work.
Hi Roxley
Almost exactly the same thing happened to me. Took my daughter's Acer 6930G (15 months old) into my office to update/clean it up. Switched it on and immediately before Vista loaded I got a dialogue box saying Acer Arcade was being installed. Thought strange, it's already installed and she doesn't use it. Then Vista didn't load, but I got a dialogue box asking me whether I wanted a US keyboard. Eventually through startup repair I got to the same point as you. Same problem details list, same root cause. Sounds like it's either a hard drive or a software problem and might well be down to Acer Arcade, but won't be covered by guarantee if not a hardware problem. Think I'll make sure that's uninstalled if (when) i get it working again.