Vista startup

I am trying to download the torrent for the vista startup disk. I only get three files in that download and none of them are recognized by the imgburn program.

I am actually not sure at this point if I need these disks.
Here is my problem, and I appreciate any help beforehand.
I am trying to start up my laptop, (vista 32) when it loads I get the bsod with an error unmountable_boot_volume, i guess due to improper shutdown.
I load the recovery disk provided with the laptop, it seems like it is going to start off the disk,
I get a screen that says LOADING WINDOWS FILES, then it goes to the vista loading screen, then goes to a black screen, after a few minutes i get a curser, and after, ive waited about an hour, sometimes more or less, i get a blue vista backround screen with the option to install or repair (this option takes about 30 - 45 minutes to come up after the screen turns blue), i select repair and it goes back to the blue vista backround screen and nothing, no lights like its thinking, just sitting there.
I let it sit there all night and today it is the same screen.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.


Does anybody else have any problems with this torrent?
I am just not sure what I am suppose to burn to the disk to create the startup disk here. No files in that download are recognized by that imgburn program. I have downloaded it multiple times to make sure it was not a corrupted download but everytime all I get are these two folders and a third unrecognized program:
First folder:
-boot, with subfiles - bcd, boot.sdi,(unrecognized programs)and, bootfix (some kinda VLC media file)
Second folder:
-sources, with a subfile - boot.wim (unrecognized program)
Third is just some unrecognized file bootmgr.

I seem to be the only one having this problem that I have read, so I am sure it is something I am doing wrong or not doing at all. I would really like to test another startup disk to try to get this going so any help in getting this file to burn would be great. Thanks for reading.
The pc I am downloading this is XP if that matters, but my machine that is down is in fact vista 32.
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The file downloaded should have been a ISO. You burn the ISO with ImgBurn. You do not extract the file at all. Leave it as a ISO.

I hope that helps.

Yeah, I was extracting that file. Thanks for the help.
After searching some topics here I found a post with the same problem, user had to just wipe the hd and reinstall, thats what I did and all is working fine.
Thanks again for the help Mak.