Vista stuck in recovery installation HELP

I think I should start by saying I'm pretty computer illiterate so explaining things as simply as possible would be much appreciated!

After trying everything to get my laptop back to normal I gave in and started the recovery thingy to return it to factory settings. Just as it was finishing installation the laptop cut out (EVEN THOUGH IT WAS PLUGGED INTO THE MAINS AND THE BATTERY WAS FINE) and it now seems to be permanently stuck on that screen, with the scrolling bar saying "finishing installation may take several minutes please do not interrupt etc."

I can't get into Safe Mode as the installation hasn't finished...and it now has a tendency of cutting out or making a loud bleeping noise at me. It's a Toshiba.

Please help before I get ripped off by a laptop repair man!
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Thanks, but I can't get any connection to the internet, not even in safe mode- it comes up with the error message that installation needs to be completed in normal Windows. Basically every option in Windows recovery etc. leads to the same screen saying please wait as the installation finishes, it may take several minutes...or it just cuts out completely.

I've also just tried rebooting with the torrented recovery CD. Still no joy. AHHH!
If you're talking about our recovery disc you cannot use that for re-installation. I recommend you find a friend that you can borrow a Vista DVD from and use the product key attached to your computer for the re-install or contact your OEM for a new recovery set if you've lost yours, didn't get one with the computer, or the orginals been damaged/not working.