vista suse raid 1


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On a raid 1 machine I installed Vista and Suse 10.3.
Presently Suse manage the MBR (because Suse let me put Grub only on MBR .If I try to put Grub on /boot :error 22 no such partition).
I would like to use EasyBCd on Vista but in this situation I can't.
Perhaps i could use NeoGrub but in this actual case what have I to do whith Grub in OPENSuse?
Thank you for your help.


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Hi Makaveli213,
I checked your wiki and many forums and I never obtained help for what Iwant to do.
"Simply" ,is Grub necessary in Suse using NeoGrub?

Mak 2.0

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You dont have to use GRUB. You can use NroGRUB. I kwo that with my Ubuntu i have no GRUB installed. I use the BCD and added a Ubuntu entry. From there i went into the GRUB edit menu in Ubuntu and changed the time out to 0 (Zero) and when i select that entry on the BCD it gives me my Linux install right away.

Guru will be around to fully answer but i knwo that NeoGRUB is supposed to act as a replacement for GRUB.