vista suse raid 1


On a raid 1 machine I installed Vista and Suse 10.3.
Presently Suse manage the MBR (because Suse let me put Grub only on MBR .If I try to put Grub on /boot :error 22 no such partition).
I would like to use EasyBCd on Vista but in this situation I can't.
Perhaps i could use NeoGrub but in this actual case what have I to do whith Grub in OPENSuse?
Thank you for your help.
Hello pomme welcome to NST!


Have you checked out hte Linux section of our Wiki to see if any info there would help you get your task accomplished.

Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Hi Makaveli213,
I checked your wiki and many forums and I never obtained help for what Iwant to do.
"Simply" ,is Grub necessary in Suse using NeoGrub?
You dont have to use GRUB. You can use NroGRUB. I kwo that with my Ubuntu i have no GRUB installed. I use the BCD and added a Ubuntu entry. From there i went into the GRUB edit menu in Ubuntu and changed the time out to 0 (Zero) and when i select that entry on the BCD it gives me my Linux install right away.

Guru will be around to fully answer but i knwo that NeoGRUB is supposed to act as a replacement for GRUB.