Vista-Ubuntu dual boot RAID issue?


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OK, I installed Ubuntu a couple nights ago and I've had nothing but boot problems since. I'm hoping to fix the issues with EasyBCD. Here's the setup:
Vista on a three disk nVidia RAID 5
Ubuntu on a seperate disk
Vista's been installed and working fine for months. I installed Ubuntu on it's own drive and the installation seemed to go fine. I rebooted my system, set the linux hard drive to boot and got a bad OS install message. I tried to reboot into the Vista drive and got a "Missing OS" message. I turned off the linux drive in the bios and tried to boot vista and got a grub error 21 message.
The vista installation disk startup repair says the vista install looks fine. Linux won't boot no matter what I try. I'm able to boot Vista using a Super Grub boot manager CD, but only if the linux drive is turned off in bios. I've tried rewriting the mbr, reinstalling the vista bootloader, and played around with other settings using easybcd, but nothing seems to work.

Thanks, D
Hi dedmiso, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Format the Ubuntu partition.
Boot into Vista -> EasyBCD -> Bootloader Management -> Reinstall Vista Bootloader
Now you should be able to boot into Visat without SGD
Reinstall Ubuntu. This time press a button called "advanced" when you see it, it'll ask you where you want to install GRUB. The default will be a DRIVE, you need to change that to a partition instead - the same as the / partition for Ubunutu.

Once that's done, Vista will boot. In EasyBCD add a new Linux entry. Reboot, and the Vista bootloader should now be able to boot into both Ubuntu and Vista.