Vista + Ubuntu Dual Boot Stopped Working


I had this setup and all was well....but now going into Ubuntu, Grub starts loading and stops with the word GRUB after giving the credit to someone....I have tried recreating the entry in EASYBCD, but to no Ubuntu (and Grub) are on SDA5. Should I grab the Super Grub? I don't know why it quit working, I did a healthy shutdown....Vista boots fine. Thoughts? Thanks.
I had read that in the past, but a little history:
- System started out with just Ubuntu
- Then, my son wanted to dual boot Vista, so I gparted out some space, moved unallocated all the way left for Vista, and installed it.
- Of course, now Vista booted, but the system is now blind to Ubuntu
- A little web searching, I found and installed EasyBCD.

I would like to preserve the current Ubuntu install, as there are many customization that took a long time to do since this is a laptop with quirky device support in Ubuntu....perhaps I should carve out a separate GRUB partition as you describe?

Thank you.
Okay now i am guessing that GRUB was originally installed to the same partition and that as Ubuntu correct?

When you go to add a Linux entry does it show the different partitions and such when you click on the drop down menu?
Yes it does....and oddly, it worked for trying to re-establish, it still shows the partitions. I did edit the grub entries after grub loaded to point the entries to sda5. And, all appeared ok thru at least a few reboots.
Okay now let me suggest something else here. Remove the Linux entries. Now save the settings.

After that go back and add Linux again. But this time check the box for GRUB is not installed to the MBR.

Try that and let me know the outcome. Thanks.
Failing that, boot to a Linux Live CD or Super GRUB Disk and follow the steps at Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki to reinstall GRUB to the bootsector then add the entry again in EasyBCD.

When you say you can't get into Ubuntu, can you be a bit more specific? Does the _Vista_ bootloader give you an error when you attempt to use the Ubuntu entry? Does GRUB hang before showing the menu? Does it get as far as giving you the menu at all? Does it have an error message anywhere?
Makaveli213: I will try your suggestions, though I *think* have tried it before during troubleshooting, and I believe I will have to manually add / configure Neosmart grub entries then as well? I don't mind....but it seemed more configuration was in order than just checking the box.

Computer Guru: No Vista Error: Grub does start loading, then hangs before Grub entries appear. No error message, just credits to some guy and then the word GRUB on the left....

I'll proceed in order with each of your suggestions. I really appreciate the help. Thanks.