vista ultamite sp1 wont boot after trojan and adware removal

It's a toshiba a205 laptop. None of the recovery options work, and i tried using a vista recovery disc that i downloaded, which could not perform an automatic repair. Although the details did tell me this.

Problem event name: startup repairv2
problem signature 01: external media
problem signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.18000
problem signature 03: 0
problem signature 04: 65537
problem signature 05: unknown
problem signature 06: corrupt registry
problem signature 07: 32
problem signature 08: 3
problem signature 09: rollback registry
problem signature 10: 32
os version 6.0.6000.
local id: 1033

Any help would be greatly appreciated. All of our babys pics are on there. I dont have the vista disc that came with it. Pleaseeeee Help
If you have EasyBCD downloaded, you'll find a copy of bootsect.exe in its Bin folder.
Get yourself a download of a live Linux distrubution, like Ubuntu 8.10, boot it and use it to rescue the baby photos and anything else you can't recreate, copied off to an external device.
Then you can play around with the repair with less trepidation.
To use it:

cd /d "c:\program files\neosmart technologies\easybcd\bin\"
bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force
In order to use bootsect since its not on our recovery disc and is included in the bin folder when EasyBCD has been installed.
The problem is, the wiki was written when all Vista's had bootsect included, and then it got omitted from later builds, so it's a toss-up whether the instructions work as printed.
It has been included again in the public Beta of Windows 7, and it's packaged with EasyBCD and HnS.
It can also be found by googling the rest of the web.

I'll update the wiki tomorrow to include the warning and workaround.
Nuclear Holocaust

I was able to make it through the whole nuclear holocaust tutorial. I got the bootsect.exe from another copy of vista. To no avail my vista still gets to the microsoft corp progress bar and then reboots after so many seconds. I don't know what else to do. Any more thoughts. I installed ubunto but how do i get the computer to boot it. I know that u said to use easybcd but without a bootable computer how do you install it.
Well the first step would be to work on one problem at a time. EasyBCD requires a bootable copy of Windows, which in your case, isn't possible at the moment. Get Windows working, and than concentrate on Ubuntu and EasyBCD.
I said F*&# it and reinstalled vista. I had some baby pics on a memory stick, and what i didn't have, oh well I guess!??!. Thank you for all your help. I would tell you this though. If you have had Vista for more than 2 years or so back it up to disc or external hard disc. This is the first data recovery problem that i have yet to resolve (messing with these wonderful machines since win95). For some time i thought i might even have a hardware problem. On reinstall everything worked fine. Had to do some driver re-installations (as always), but low and behold it was a vista software F-up. I still support microsoft , I have yet to taste a mac (time may be coming though). Sometimes it makes you wonder?!. Why not the support they can afford to offer instead of tying to push something new that has not been tested. You would think that microsoft could offer the best support for your money. If you send an error report, do you really think that it does something. I think not. I'm not trying to be pesamistic about vista but, when it comes to saving your valuble computer (stuff), and you don't have the money to hire a tech, stick with XP. Just my opinion. My Xp Computer has always been more stable. Until Vista comes out with a more recovery friendly os my mind remainds torn between a Mac and PC. Long live competition to make things better.
Glad everythings back up. Yeah, its best you backup regually. You never know when its gonna decide to crash on you.
I can recommend a freeware Utility "EZBackitup", which will mirror your user data onto a spare drive, flashdrive, external HDD or whatever.
I have it set up to copy anything in my data folders (pictures, documents, music, video,email etc) which is new or changed and I run it last thing before power-down every night, to archive changes to my 2nd HDD, and monthly to my ext HDD.
It takes only about 30 secs/day on average to scan through 10,000 files and copy any changes.
(a few minutes down the USB link monthly, if there are a few movies unwatched).
It's nice to know that if the system disk explodes, all the important stuff is safely mirrored elsewhere.
It's also handy when I've made a hash of modifying the logic on a 20 page spreadsheet, that I can just revert to yesterday's version with a simple drag/drop.