Vista ultimate 32 then Kubuntu...need help


Ultimate is an existing stable install on a WD Raptor plugged into port 0 on my MB. I have an identical Raptor on port 1 of MB that i want to use for a kubuntu install...(new to linux. please bear with me)

When installing Kubuntu I use the "guided - Use entire disk option" for drive /hdb, the choose the advanced tap to specify the boot loader to install on "/hdb1" the install progresses till the end then terminates with a fatal error on the GRUB install.

Before i found the "vista then Ubuntu" guide i had twice mistakenly let GRUB install on hd0 (my vista MBR drive).... after having to do a complete restore of vista twice, i'm growing weary of troubleshooting this.

I very much want to get this running to begin learning more about linux, but the /dev refrences are giving me great confusion. I'm pretty sure i can get through setting Easy BCD in Vista, but just getting Kubuntu loaded properly is pushing me close to the point of just giving up on this and settleing for a Wubi assisted install via Vista on a few gigs of extra space on my main Vista drive (not ideal).

Please tell me what stupid mistake i'm making.....Thanks in advance ~Rob
Hi Rob, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.
Get EasyBCD beta, and then go to the Linux tab in the Add/Remove Entries section. Create a new entry to boot Kubuntu, making sure to select the correct drive and partition Kubuntu is installed to under the "Device" menu, and to select the box called "Grub isn't installed to the MBR/bootsector". This will install a version of NeoGrub that reads the menu.lst on the Kubuntu partition at /boot/grub/menu.lst, and providing that menu.lst is configured correctly, of course, should boot it perfectly fine. :wink:

See the second link in my sig for a step-by-step process of dual-booting Vista and Kubuntu (just read Kubuntu for Ubuntu).


Thanks for the quick response
What should i do with the grub loader in the kubuntu install? i.e. install to what disk or maybe don't install??
Right now Kubuntu is installed but GRUB is not...I unchecked the box. If i need to re-install that's cool, just need to know where to put GRUB.
With 2.0 Beta, it doesn't really matter where you install Grub...whether to the MBR or to the bootsector of the Kubuntu partition. :wink: But since you installed Kubuntu on sdb1, I would recommend typing the location of /dev/sdb if you choose to reinstall it, so Grub is installed to the MBR of that drive.

Otherwise, you will need to use a different method to install Grub there:

  1. Boot from a LiveCD
  2. When you get to the desktop, open up a Terminal (should be found at Applications>Accessories>Terminal)
  3. Type in:
sudo grub
find /boot/grub/stage1
root (hdx,y)
setup (hdx)
The "find" command should give you the location of your Kubuntu partition, most likely (hd1,0), second hard drive, first partition, but don't count on it. :wink: Whatever location Grub returns to you as the location Kubuntu is installed to, enter that location in the "root" command, replacing the "x" (which stands for the drive) and the "y" (which stands for partition), and do the same for the setup command as well, *except* make sure to enter a location like (hd1) and not (hd1,0), so Grub will get installed to the MBR of that drive.
Now reboot, and once you get into Vista, install 2.0 beta of EasyBCD, and add a new entry to boot Kubuntu, making sure to do all the things I mentioned in my last post. Next reboot, and test, and you should find a perfectly working dual-boot of Vista and Kubuntu. :smile:

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