Vista Ultimate - Reinstalling advice needed


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Hi Guys,
Just need some advice on how the system works!
My PC was built as a favour to me by the IT manager at the school where I taught PC Literacy to the over 50's. Sadly it is no more,.... the class that is, not the PC!:frowning:
He also installed Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 on it for me using one of the school's volume licences.
Aproximately six months ago, he left the school and the area and I'm no longer in touch with him.
My system continues to function, but I'm just worried in case the current incumbent of the job could withdraw the key or otherwise rescind my priviledges!

So my first question is ...could I be "Struck Off" so to speak! ? :S

Next, my experience in doing a clean install of XP Home on my Lappy leads me to understand that, subject to using the correct disk (OEM or Retail) the "Product Key" automatically determines the "flavour" of the OS to be installed since all are encoded on the disk.

If I am correct, and provided I'm not in danger of being "struck off", would "SIW" reveal the Keys needed in the event of a re install, and which disk would I need, OEM or Retail?:smile:
You're not technically going to lose Windows because its activated, but if you're not working there anymore depending on company policy and type of software license they have from Microsoft you would be in violation of Microsoft's EULA. Since the computer was built you would need a retail copy of Windows. Really you should just stick with what you got until you're ready to purchase a personal copy of Windows 7.
Thanks for clarifying that for me Justin.
Fact is, I was never an employee at the school, nor of the local education authority.
I was merely a member of the U3A (University of the Third Age), similar to your association of Lifelong Learning Institutes, helping other over 50's to use computers, the school provided us with a classroom and tech back-up.

I'm relieved to hear that the Key won't be "withdrawn", I had visions of some day being greeted by a black screen !!
Since I don't have any other option, I tend to make ATI Images quite regularly to guard against disaster!
I've kept a fairly early one as the closest thing to a "clean install" and presume that should be enough insurance.