Vista Ultimate SP2 64 and Kubuntu v9.04 64


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After upgrading from Vista Ultimate Pre-SP1 to SP2 64-Bit, I installed Kubuntu v9.04 64-Bit in the empty second partition on drive 2(*), where my Vista boot partition 'lives', but with the Alternate installer I couldn't see how to put GRUB in the hidden sector of the partition where I installed Kubuntu, so I chose not to install GRUB or LILO.

I then rebooted into Vista and installed EasyBCD 2.0 Beta and added a second boot option for Kubuntu that pointed to the partition where I installed Kubunto, Drive 2, Partition 2, from the EasyBCD Add Entry Linux Device drop-down-list, and because I didn't install Grub, I checked the Grub not installed option.

However, when I rebooted and selected the Kubunto option I saw:
Try (hd0,0): non-MS: skip
Try (hd0,1): EXT2: _

But nothing happened after that, probably becasue it's not looking at hd2!

* Drive 0 and 1 are data drives, Drive 2 is a Raid 0 Drive set.
Hello Howard, welcome to NST.
You will need to install Grub to the bootsector of the partition before the "Grub is not installed..." option in EasyBCD will work. BTW, what beta build are you using? Try the latest version if you're not using it already.

To install Grub to the bootsector of the partition, you will need to get a copy of the Super Grub Disk which you can then use to install Grub to the Kubuntu partition.