Vista Ultimate SP2 suddenly started hanging on shutdown.


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Just returned home after two weeks holiday and booted my PC.unable to connect to the net.....rebooted router and that was sorted, but an odd event. Next I found that if the machine has been on for several hours, it hangs on shut down, at the logging off screen and I have to do a hard shut down with the resultant message at next boot that "Windows did not shut down normally"! Event viewer currently shows ten "6008" error codes "unexpected shutdown".............they weren't unexpected to me, I cut the power 'cos they were long overdue!!:grinning: I've also experienced a couple of messages telling me that "Asus WiFi-Ap @n", (my wireless card) "Has Stopped Working".Not really a problem, just a "poke" at the taskbar icon and it resumes but it's something else that seems to have started since I've returned home. I've not installed any new software, nor even any updates 'cos I've been away since July16th!Any ideas about the hanging on shutdown.....I've run checkdisk but it's not sorted it.:frowning: sorry this is just a solid block of text, I can't find any way of formatting text.
Hi Mark 2.0 sorry I had to attend to other things!I suppose I could try a restore point, but I'd like to find out what is causing it really.I've remembered that immediately before I went away, I was trying to get some server software (Serviio) to play nicely with my networked TV and changed the IP address from dynamic to static in my Thompson Speedtouch 585 v6 Router.I also delayed it's startup so that Windows could load unhindered.iI'm attempting to persue the problem there and will come back later to advise.
Its drivers, a background service, or the Asus app you mentioned was crashing. You need to update your software if you've been away for awhile. Disable the Asus tool and use the builtin Windows tool for connecting to wireless networks instead (a lot less problems that way). Go into the startup tab in msconfig and disable everything you don't need starting up automatically (typically thats everything minus your antivirus software). The less amount of stuff starting up when you turn on your computer means the less amount of stuff running in the background when you shutdown.


And if you did install something before leaving and your computer was working fine beforehand, I think you've found the culprit. Don't set it startup (delayed). I always set services like that to manual unless its absolutely needed.
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Sorry to take so long to reply but the nature of the problem is such that solutions can only be tested the day after a full day's work on the machine!
...Tedious, not to mention disappointing, mostly!

I never did master "System Restore" and cannot now access the window that effectively says "Pick a Date!" and shows you a calender with available dates in bold.

What I now get is a list of the dates of the last three points, and a tick box that says "Show restore points older than 5 days" that only takes me back to August 1st, need to get back prior to July 16th to be any use.....I'm confused!

However, I have restored the "Startup Folder" to the "All Progs." list, (I had deleted it trying to get the Serviio software to delay it's startup) and that seems to have done it....well, last night it shut down.......eventually!
I did go and make a cup of coffee, so I'm not sure how long it took, but I lost interest after about 6/7 minutes!
Not exactly swift, but at least it does now shut down!
Maybe it'll get quicker in time (He adds hopefully!)....yeah...dream on!!
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