vista update problems

Hi everyone, Long story and I will try to summarize. I have a custom built machine that I recently sent back for repairs because of BSODs and stability issues. Those are all resolved more crashes thusfar after a week. Now I have a new problem. While it was being repaired I requested a dual boot vista 64 home premium and xp on a single partitioned drive. The first problem I noted was when trying to install office 2007. I got an error during install "error 1935 00x80070002. I also could not install adobe or pinnacle video editing software due to the same error. I tried the MS site's recommended repair by deleting temp files and all previous updates. I disable antivirus and video drivers as well and continue to get the error now with any attempt to install a program or to update vista. MY vista update screen now just says error 80070002 and states I have never tried to update. It wont let me update anything. One person thought it might be a .NET framework issue but I cant of course dowlowd that due to this error.

Any ideas on how to fix this without a clean install or what is going on? I have contacted microsoft and they gave some good advice but none of it worked and they are analyzing some data I sent them. I am awaiting a second response.
Answer: Clean install. By the looks of it you have a crippled system and you should never run 2 OSes off the same partition. You can run them on the same drive, but they should be on different partitions.
I think there's a missing comma there Jus. i.e. "a single, partitioned drive" meaning he has a single drive partitioned to install 2 OSs.
Hi Chief, welcome to NST.
If one of your 2 systems boots as D:\ (or any letter other than C:\) and can see the other non-booted system as C:\, you're going to get problems with 3rd party software.
3rd party vendors are incredibly slow to appreciate the problems of multi-booting, and have a great tendency to put files into C:\Program Files\Common Files even when you've told the installer to put the software in X:\SomeOtherFolder
Adobe are guilty of this with all of their products, and since Reader and Flash are a ubiquitous inclusion in every browser, and photoshop is so widely used, you'll find that both systems are putting stuff in the same place and reading and updating it independently.
The results are unpredictable, but predictably not good.
If this is your problem, you'll need to uninstall all your 3rd party apps on both systems, take steps to hide the C:\ drive from the booted nonC:\ drive, then reinstall all the apps when only the C: system can see the C: drive.
There is a MS registry hack which might help, and a Neosmart program (Vista Hide 'n Seek (HnS)), but the precise nature of your problem will need to be assessed with a bit more detail before advising you on either of those.
Lol ok. Amazing what a single comma can do :smile:. Well anyway, follow Terry's advice though things are looking grim. You seem to be having problems with drivers/apps as well as WU and possible corruption of system files that are causing these problems. Were these problems present when you first got back your computer from the repair shop?
yes it is 2 partitions on a single drive. They are both listed as c: and I can choose which to boot at start up. MS office doesnt install either. adobe installs fine on xp but not vista. I cant even update vista. I downloaded xp to play some older games. I havent tried installing office on xp because I dont want to use up my registration key. The problem originally started when I got it back. I noticed on the update history that .NET framework 3.5 failed to update on vista but almost everything else would update. Now I have taken several steps indicated by MS to correct the problem and nothing will update. How can I clean install the vista portion on the partition without messing up the xp portion. Thanks for the help.
OK. If both systems boot as C:\ then nothing I said earlier applies to you.
If you just have a broken Vista, and you'd like to reinstall it, you should have no problem.
Save all your user files from the Vista partition (copy into the XP partition or to external storage)
Boot the Vista DVD, and tell it to install to the Vista partition.
If you're lucky the new Vista install will recognize your XP and the dual-boot will be set up automatically. If not, that's no problem.
XP won't have been touched even if there's no option to dual-boot it. Read the sticky thread (points 3 & 5) and you'll see how to put the option back for booting XP.