Vista upgrade to SP1 problem with HnS

Brian G

I upgraded my duel boot system Vista to SP1 - the result was that HnS no longer displayed at startup - I restored to the earlier version but still no HnS
I then uninstalled and reinstalled HnS but no screen appeared at startup but I was able to Access the drives using the BCD screen.
I then uninstalled HnS again and restarted the computer hoping by reinstalling it after a clean boot it would work - the result is no access to Duel boot and no HnS screen.
The problem comes that I cannot replicate the dual boot availability with or withou HnS and XP reports missing boot files exactly the same if you click on Vista boot in the HnS screen but then change the drive in the BCD screen that appears immediately after if the display time is not set to zero
Has anyone any ideas how to resolve this?
there was a problem with SP1 and HnS, because Vista replaced bootmgr with a new version in SP1.
HnS gains control by pretending to be bootmgr and renaming the Vista version to bootmgr.HnS, hence SP1 reverted your HnS boot to a vanilla Vista boot.
You need to run the HnS UI again (HnS isn't "installed" as such, it just runs and sets up the boot environment by taking control in the way I mentioned). A slight problem with just rerunning the UI is that HnS is still in Beta and so is not as neat and tidy in this sort of situation as the actual release will hopefully be. Because it finds itself half there, and half not there, it can refuse to run or to remove itself.
Just do a manual cleanup first, delete anything with a .HnS filetype, then run the UI again and it should reset the dual-boot and put its own bootmgr in charge again.