Vista was hacked and VGA disables on launch


Hi all

My first post. Thank you to members and moderators for your posts re: Vista, they have been very interesting, especially the command line recovery facilities from Vista's DVD and Easy BCD.

I have a GA-965P-DS3P mobo which is not backwardly compatible with DOS or 9x command line tools. BCD is not able to launch despite setting the BIOS correctly.

I have been working as Administrator only, for all of the below when in the GUI.

Business Vista (single boot) will only show the GUI in safe mode as Vista's key files have been stripped of permissions and a user group called "trusted user" has been added with full control. Cannot modify permissions either, as that's been disabled. Admininstrator has full control on the root, however, child objects do not have full control for admin and cannot be put back on. Only have read and list.

When the pc starts in normal mode, it cannot show a display due to VGA being disabled as per the above reason.

Work arounds:
I have blown away the drive using the OS DVD and re-installed, however, the problem keeps coming back minutes after the re-install has completed. (Safe mode networking and command line do work though).

The problem is either one or both of the following:
The BIOS (x2) has a bit of code that is infecting the system and / or the bootsector is infected (both SATA HDD's have the same problem).

{I am using the "ultimate boot disk" to get to a DOS prompt, it has Seagate tools but not for Vista. When I then try the LLFSET~1.exe (which is a Seagate util) from the FDD I get an error message saying:
This program must be run under win32.
Next I used a 98 startup floppy to use FDISK and removed the partition.
Tried the LLF same error message, must be run under win32.
Then, ran the 98 startup floppy after a restart and tried then to run the LLF but the same win32 error message appears.....
(The 98 startup disk failed to detect cd drivers, so Icopied over gcdrom.sys and atapicd.sys to c:\..... as I later wanted to run Disk Kill over and see how that worked.....LOL) That failed as no recognised cdrom ..... I really loved 98se and the power of DOS. hmmm, wonder if a legacy cdrom will accept me? Don't have one!}

What I would like to do is a simple low level format, however, as DOS etc won't work to launch that from, does anyone know of a LLF application that works for Vista please? I have 2x Seagate SATAs and the LLF for Seagate that won't launch.

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Awesome !! Thank you Makaveli :smile:
Will give your suggestions a crack !

I have ordered the professional version of Kill Disk as I have the freebie which failed.
GParted is something to explore, not heard of it.
Acronis has good reviews.... willl probably prefer it to Ghost's limited functionality now....
This rocks! heh heh :grinning: destruction is nigh...... :grinning:
Drat.... DBAN returned this error message:
'disk returned with non-fatal errors, probably due to bad sectors'.
Then it would not accept any floppy ... because DBAN does not recognise USB floppy drives. drat. lol.....
Will have to wait until the end of the week to sort this now....
Serves me right for not reading the FAQ first !
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Well DBAN is running in a "no viruses" mode, so-to-speak - if that's what it says, then perhaps your hard drive has reached the end of its life?
lol... the HDDs were bought in July, but the way they are going ....

still every Vista install disables the display on restart, so the VGA will only work in safe mode....

the bios is fine, having reset both to default settings.

(unless the controllers are infected??? however, installing the mobo drivers requires a restart, which means safe mode limits functionality....)

learnt something to, the 'trusted installer' group is new to Vista so my shock at seeing it the first time is no longer a concern.

i will try installing the Sabayon OS as a last resort soon.
hope that will confuse the disks enough to have NTFS back on .... :grinning:

thanks for checking in :smile:
OK, I just re-read the initial post (it's been a while, sorry), and here's what I get:

1) This isn't a virus
2) This isn't caused by a bad hard drive either

When the pc starts in normal mode, it cannot show a display due to VGA being disabled as per the above reason.

What does this actually mean? Do you get an error message? Does your monitor turn off (standby)?

Have you tried installing the latest video drivers?
Hi gotta be quick...going to work. ok..
Install Vista and then on reboot, the monitor dies saying loss of signal just before the start up sound that the OS is ready to strut it's stuff. (The video is disabled regardless of whether i have the latest Nvidia drivers for it or those that came with the OS. Vista was working fine with the graphics drivers it had initially....)
Have found a linky on Microsoft which I will look at when back home. (have used the command line tools posted in this forum for this issue, however this link goes a little further...
How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista

Rats! must rush..... thank you for having a look :smile:
OK, you don't have a virus, and nothing is wrong with your bootsector. So bootrec.exe is of no use, especially since you can hear the startup sound but not see the screen.

If you press "F8" at boot and select "VGA Mode" can you see the screen?

That said, do you have any idea what prompted this behavior to take place?
hangs head.:shame:
hope it is a quirky graphics card, monitor, port or connector... as changed the monitor over, and it works consistently!! (so far it works starting normally, not just in safe mode.... ):glare:

it's the story of the Three Wells.


on the positive side, i know now about Vista and have really appreciated your help :smile:
yes, i was stunned as well....
not had the chance to try all combinations yet...
(doing this in bits and pieces, as work has me working 7 days straight twice this month)
really really odd the pattern of booting....

i think the thing that threw me first was the "trusted user" group.
instead of being so reactive i should have researched the differences in Vista.
(i was reactive as we have had a smashing Federal election, and my partner made highly provocative remarks on many forums and newspapers so i thought he'd annoyed someone.)

thanks for your interest though. it's very much appreciated :smile: :smile::smile:
Ah, yes, congratulations (or not, depending on how you feel) for your new Prime Minister.

Don't worry about the wild goose chase over the virus, it's all about living and learning :smile: