Vista - Will only boot to Startup Repair


I saw this forum and I thought it might be time to get some help with my problem
I have a dell Inspiron 1520
Girlfriends computer...she has alot of music and pictures...documents of all sorts so I'm trying my best to keep her files here.
One day it decided not to boot.
I have tried everything in my power to get it to boot.
Put in a vista disc. Run start-up repair. Says file Iastorv.sys is bad. Problem fixed. Try again. Says some ndis.sys file is corrupt. Problem fixed. (both of these fixed through start-up repair.)
Now when I boot my computer it automatically goes to the start-up repair console. Even without a disc in.
I've ran chkdsk C: /f /r several times.
Start-up repair says it can't fix the problem.
I'm trying my hardest to avoid a reformat just for the sake of losing all of her files.
I have tried reinstalling vista on this hard drive and it copies the files. And then SOMETHING...don't quite know...but something happens and the files are not accessible. And installation must be canceled.

Help would be much appreciated.
Thank you much. This is somewhat something needed at a time like this. Lol.
In the process of backing all of her files up and then I'm going to format the drive and all should be well.
Thanks so much. =]
Do you guys think we should add a relationship advice forum here? I'm sure the internet and computers in general are a source of consternation for many relationships! :tongueout:
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The word that comes to mind is "Mashallah" which means something along the lines of "that's incredible, you've been very lucky with the grace of god"

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