Vista/win7 dual boot problem


Hello all, i'm new here...

I'm writing couse I'm experiencing some problems with the issue in subject.

I foolowed this article (italian only sorry) to obtain a dual boot "the correct way" as writer defined it! This correct way make vista and Win7 invisible each other, so that no corruption can happen. Steps were: Gparted, Win7 installation, bootloader installation.

I followed all writer's instruction and i get a runing win7 installation but the last step failed. The indicated bootloader was masterbooter but it seems it has some problems with sata optical devices so i can't use it.

I tried other bootmanager messing up my system's MBR but I recovered this situation by re-flagging partition in GParted (thx live USB ubuntu) and the win7 recovery tool. This operation created a dual boot screen to with Win7 recovered and Vista recovered but, choosing Vista to start I get the boot manager (winloader) error.

The situation, I have:
- a Vista partition (resized primary and hidden)
- a Win7 partition (primary and bootable)
- a Data partition (logical)
- a Vista Recovery partition (primary)

here's the question: I can get my Vista running again???

Many thx all

P.s. Sorry for my english! :tonguewink: