Vista/Win7 Repair Disks won't record to blank CD


New Member
I have just recently downloaded via Utorrent your Vista and Win 7 .iso repair disk images.

My problem is this: using my ISO Recorder by right-clicking on either downloaded file appears to run properly. Yet when done, the recordable CD disk I used remains blank! Neither of your repair disk images will record onto a CD or DVD. I have tried several CDs to no avail. Your images will not transfer.

I know my ISO Recorder works on several other .iso files I have recorded as I use this app fairly frequently. Also, to guard against a bad torrent download, I downloaded more than once both your copies of Vista Repair disk and the Win 7 disk.

Each time both the .iso image files show as properly downloaded: showing the usual .iso file icon and proper MB size in an Explorer file status pane.

Any idea what's wrong here?