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i am trying to help out my sister.. she has vista on a dell she turned on her puter and she said something scanned for spyware for over an hour..then she tried to go online and she keeps getting an error message, windows failed to use the repair.. then after 20 seconds she gets the same message..i had her try her dvd to boot up with but it won't play it.. i've had her try in safe mode and last good configuration and the repair..and she just gets that same message over and over.. any idea's would be appreciated,, she is a screammin' mimmy !
still problems

thankyou for your quick reply, justin :smile: i had seen that advice before i asked for advice ,, it's all n good but ,, her dvd player won't work either..all she gets is the same screen over n over.. do you think she has a bad virus?? thanks in advance
When it says "Press any key to boot from DVD..." you need to do so. Otherwise, it'll just go on trying to boot from the hard drive.
still won't go

her neighbor burned both discs , but her computer won't even run them..does she have a bad virus? does she need to reinstall vista?? she will probably have to bring it somewhere ughh
Do the disks you burned boot on a different PC ? Check so you are sure the CDs are good.
Then get into the BIOS (the initial spash screen should say somewhere which key to press as the PC is being powered up - It could be del or tab or esc or one of the 12 Function keys) and make sure that the broken PC boots from CD/DVD before HDD.
Then boot again with the CD in the tray and "hit any key" when prompted.
If that doesn't work, then try booting some other bootable CD which you know is good (an old Windows disk or a download of a bootable Linux distro, or Gparted, anything you have (or can download from the web free) which you know works OK.
If that doesn't boot on the broken PC, then the CD ROM drive is suspect.
A Virus infection might be reponsible for the Vista failure, but it won't stop you booting a good bootable CD.
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disc won't work

hi terry,, she tried the disc's in her xp computer and it says file can not be her new computer with vista , it won't even recognize the disc..
Some burning programs (Vista's for example) cannot handle ISO images.
We recommend that you use ImgBurn (it's free) because we know that it works 100%
To clarify you are trying to boot from this disc, right? The missing file error you're getting is either one of three things:

a) You put in the disc in Windows and expected it to repair
b) You clicked the "Install Now" button which won't work since the disc is for recovery only. You need to click the "Repair my computer" link instead in the bottom lefthand corner.
c) The CD/DVD/Download was bad or in some rare cases, we've had users with bad cd/dvd drives as well.
some progress made

hi, ,my friend! well she finally got her disc to work and reinstalled she has no internet,, no way to view wireless internet.. she has vista and i have xp so i don't know where to tell her to look
she did 'make a new connection" and it keeps trying to dial her in,, she has dsl.. ohhh she's gettin crazier by the second.. please help!!
You need to get the drivers for her wireless card, and put them on usb drive so you can install them on her computer. You can obtain these drivers (and others for her system) from Dell's website at by selecting her computer model.
Mail them to her? Helping her over the phone? Yeah, that must really not be fun. Well, best of luck and let us know if you have any other questions.