Vista & Windows 7 dual boot problems


All has been well with my dual boot system, Vista (on drive C: ) & Windows 7 (on partition K: of drive D: ) - Vista installed first. On start-up, the dual boot dialogue choice no longer appears & the machine boots directly into Vista. I should add that this has happened since problems installing Roxio Creator 2010 & following an ongoing series of instructions from their support team, one of which was to create a new user account in Vista.
Running 'bcedit' from the command prompt only shows settings under Windows Boot Manager & Windows Boot Loader applicable to Vista on drive C:, with no mention of any settings to do with Windows 7 on K: .
I would be most grateful if someone could instruct me on how to reinstate the Windows 7 Boot Manager & Boot Loader settings & also recover the dual boot dialogue on start-up.
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Select vista/7 from the dropdown
set drive to the letter that Vista sees the W7 partition as.
(don't know what you mean by partition K on drive D. - A drive would only have a letter if it were not partitioned i.e if it's all one "partition".
Drives have labels, which are physical and seen identically by any OS.
Partitions have letters, which are virtual, just registry entries in the running OS, and therefore have no consisency between different OSs, unless you as the user set them to match.)
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I'm indepted to you Terry, dual boot now works again.
My confusion with drives and drive letters stems from the fact that I have two 500GB hard drives installed. They were C: & D: initially. I loaded Vista on C:. & then partitioned D:. The new partition became K: upon which I installed Windows 7. Must get to grips with this.
Thanks again.