Vista Windows Features empty!!


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Hi I am trying to install .net framework 3 on my Vista the .net install says to enable an option in windows features but this box is blank.I have tried many solutions like re-registering files and those give me not found errors.
Anyone have any ideas?

If not is there another way to install .net 3 without this option checked in windows features?

Thks :angry:
.net doesn't need to be installed in Vista. .Net programs that are claimed to be Vista compatiable should run under Vista without any issues.
That is not what I am getting with these programs , the programs say .net 3.5 needs to be installed and then I get that error about windows features.The programs are , one from Uniblue ,another from microsoft a vista utility program and a few others.
Any other ideas?

Thks for reply
Without specific names of the prgrams we cant help. Cause we cant try to isntall them ourselves and test them out.
Ok Uniblue speedupmypc 2009 is one , Vista utilities microsoft small program.

Go ahead and try the first one without checking off the .net in windows features.

The .net 3 gives me same errors, i know these programs are not great but now I want to get to the problem of the error with windows features being empty??
You have tried manually getting the installer from MS, right? You can get .net 3.5 from here. This version of .net is backward compatiable with 2.0 applications and earlier as well.
Got that tried to install both 3 and 3.5 here is install error. Sorry about background if it's not allowed here!

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Do you got SP1 on the machine? If not, I know a lotta Vista machines i've been working with have been offering updates for .net 1.1 sp1 and they always fail. Ended up having to hide them all together on those machines. .net 3.5 is working fine on my machines, so I know its possible. .net 2.0 stated Windows Installer as a pre-requsite. Maybe its required for the later versions as well, though I did not see it listed under them as a requirement. They did mention however that it is important to have all of the latest updates before installing, so I would check there first and run sfc /scannow from the command prompt if you have trouble installing SP1.
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You have been into Control Panel / Progs & Features / Turn Features On and ticked NET 3.0 ??
Aaah, I see. Can't help much then. It sounds like you've got one of those "broken but sort-of still useable" systems.
I lived for a year with a disfunctional ME because it still did everything I needed on a daily basis, though some features were broken and had to be worked around.
In the end, it took a fresh reinstall to get it 100% working
Hope you don't end up doing the same. See if this helps
Trust me... i've already gone .net surfing in the registry.... long story.

Anyway, you don't want to go there. Ovbiously your current installation is corrupt. This is unfortunanly becoming more common (don't recall this much of a problem with XP :frowning:). You'll need to re-install so that all of the features are working properly.
If i understand correctly, the problem is when you go to Programs and Features and click on Turn Windows Features On or Off at the Tasks you got a blank box instead of the windows features and the ability to install for e.g Net 3.5.
If this is the problem then you have stopped a service that is needed for the Windows Features to function.
Go to services, Run and write services.msc, andcheck for "Windows Modules Installer".
Start that service and try again!
Good Luck!
Hi Kafteras, welcome to NST.
Thanks for that.
If you set the service to "manual", you'll get the best of both worlds. It won't be started to clog your system with unnecessary junk until you go to "add features", at which point it will start up and populate the list for you.
Thanks Terry,
Yeah your right about setting the service to manual. The thing is that we are dealing with M$, dont forget that.
What i mean is that this service cant be stopped or set to manual!!
Is either Disable (but you cannot stop it so you must kill TrustedInstaller.exe in Task Managers Processes manually) or is Automatic.
Even if you set this to Manual after a restart it is set back to Automatic.
Anyway, i think the best option is Disable (because this service eats your cpu and memory) and just run it if you want the Windows Features (or ofcource if your OS starts to behave abnormal :smile:)
Mine is set to manual, and is never started unless I enter the "add new features" dialog. I've just checked it again now and it's stopped because I haven't used the dialog since the last boot.
However, if I enter the dialog, I get a blank box for a few seconds till the service kicks in, then the list populates and the service shows as "started".
It works exactly as it's designed to.
This is Vista Home Premium, perhaps it's malfunctioning on whatever flavour you're using.