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It's been doing this for a while and I've only just got around to picking you guys' brains.
What would cause it? Nearly all H & S pages are like this.
It's the only place where the icons act up like that. So what do I have to do? Remember this is Vista.
Hmm, Peter, can you see the other images a little bit down on that page?

The missing image in your screenshot is an arrow, but a bit lower there are real images, as you can see here:


It's a HTML document, this is the source for the part in question:

<div class="procedure"><span class="expandCollapse" id="title_EFDIGHJECO_28"><h3 class="title_procedure"><a class="expandCollapse" href="mshelp://"><img id="icon_expandCollapse_EFDIGHJECO_28" src="mshelp://Help/?id=Microsoft.Windows.Resources.CollapseArrow" alt="Show content">


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CG. Your post seems to have broken the Post Reply as all I get is a blank page so am having to use the quick reply.
(Also not getting email notifications again- that's another story).

Anyway it was my .png's that were broken, and I found a quick cure here:
(png.reg down the page a bit)
It worked a treat.

I found it just before I read your post Kristan.

Thanks for the help.
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Well, glad it's working now...

I just got a notification email for a private message half a minute ago....
Yes it is...thanks very much.

That enormous post of yours really throws my browser out of whack...LOL I'm not used to having to use the horizontal scroll.
Hmm.... Just checked, it does mess things up pretty bad in IE!
(Opera and FF show it just fine)

/me checks if there's anything I can do to fix that behavior
You are right. Firefox renders it nice and central on my screen. Something tells me that IE7 is still an ongoing project despite being "final".


By the way, this all came about because I want to install a fax modem so I can use Vista's Fax & Scan.

(My regular internet connection is high speed cable).

I hardly ever used H & S so never really bothered about the problem before.
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