Vista Windows Update Failing


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Anyone else experienced this? All other internet connections are fine. Update fails as shown:

That's really weird.
It makes sense but for the fact that it still works on my RC1.

Did you update to RC2?
I haven't updated a *single* vista or XP to a newer build.... format and reinstall for me :wink:
lol... you can say that again.
I honestly can't wait to format RC1.. I didn't get a chance to DL 5728 (I got broadband thursday, and I knew RC2 was coming out a day later..)

Vista just picks up issues. Like now I have an issue selecting text with the mouse, slow startup, and several minor quirks that. just. shouldn't. exist. at. this. point.

So I can't wait for RC2 to finish DLing :grinning:
(40%... WTF is wrong with my internet today!?)
I may be speaking too soon, but RC2 seems to work much more smoothly. Less of a resource (memory) hog too.
Windows Mail acts up occasionally. Every now and again when replying to a newsgroup post especially, it'll do the spellcheck then freeze solid when I click send.
Have reported it.