Vista with Ubuntu


The instructions for dual booting with Ubuntu appear to be clear, but they don't seem to cover my situation. I have Vista already installed and would like to put Ubuntu onto a separate drive, not just a separate partition. Would the instructions change?

Secondly, I would like to put a FAT32 partition onto the same drive that the Ubuntu partition is on so that I can share files between the two OSs. How would I go about doing that?

Lastly, do I need to install EasyBCD onto Vista before I install Ubuntu?

Thanks for any help.
No the instructions would not change. Just choose the drive instead of the partition.

Just use GParted, the partitioning tool in the instructions to create that drive. Jsut dont use the full drive and manually select the drive you want to use and create a partition on it.

No you dont need to install EasyBCD onto Vista before. It can be done after.
Will you be installing ubuntu from a live cd or from the second drive itself? Once you have the second drive partitioned and if installing from a live cd you will want to see the root/system partition for ubuntu used as the / mount point as well.

When installing the EasyBCD tool in Vista before or after ubuntu is on you need to install NeoGrub onto the Vista primary with the "GRUB is not installed in bootsector" box checked off. The screen capture here shows how that looks and where to find it.

You only need to use "GRUB is not installed to the bootsector" if you didn't follow the steps in the guide.

The steps in the pictorial in the wiki should leave you set, regardless of whether you installed Ubuntu to another partition or drive.
Presently I'm still waiting to add a second distro to the currect triple boot across three separate drives. Once unbuntu 8.10 was added into the Vista boot menu with the help of NeoGrub it loaded right away. You can see how the drives were partitioned here in the image below.

The cursor is pointing to the root/system partition there.