Vista won’t boot cause of NeoGrub menu.lst (“hide”) entry


Hello to all,

I was playing around with NeoGrub trying to get Fedora 9 to boot on a separate Raid disks. I installed EasyBcd and have Vista and XP booting just fine on the same Raid. When I added two more disk to the controller, thus making another Linux Raid disk EasyBcd can not boot into Grub. So I installed NeoGrub and at least was able to load Grub and try and boot the Kernel. But as the Kernel is loading it complains about not being able to mount or see the drive which has the kernel on it (Linux raid disk). So I think the Intel ICH9Rcontroller has trouble context switching when Grub tries to load the Kernel on Raid disk which is not select as the first disk in the motherboard BIOS. When I unplug the Vista Raid disk everything works find. Nevertheless, I thought I should add the lines:

hide (hd0,0)
hide (hd0,1)

to my NeoGrub’s menu.lst so that when the Linux Raid disk is selected the Vista/XP Raid disk/partitions are hidden thus not causing Raid controller to get confused with too many primary partitions loaded. Well when I did this now when I trying boot into the other EasyBcd entry (e.g., Vista or XP), and not the NeoGrub entry, the Vista boot screen comes up then my system reboots. I can not boot into (hd0,0) which is Vista, or hide (hd0,1) which is XP. Obviously these entries in the menu.lst are causing the EasyBcd entries. The reason I did this is because it thought NeoGrub and EasyBcd are kept entirely separate, and evidently I was wrong.

Is there a way when the Grub screen comes up to permanently delete these two entries (hide (hd0,0), hide (hd0,1)) in the menu.lst files so my system can boot? Maybe going into the command line mode of grub to overwrite the menu.lst file? I thought that NeoGrub entry would ONLY execute when selected and not interfere with other EasyBcd entries which and not listed in the menu.lst file. Please advise, thank you.
As you've discovered, hide is not an internal system mechanism, but a flag set on the partition physically, which will be seen and observed by all OSs. You need to issue an Unhide to boot Vista.
(HnS does this dynamically, hide Vista when booting XP, unhide it when booting Vista)
You need to do something similar.
If you're stuck, you can use a 3rd party partition manager app to flip the hide bit off again.
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