Vista won't boot even with recovery disc


I am trying to fix my mother's HP laptop which stopped booting, she has no idea what may have happened in the days preceding. I tried the "Recovery Console" options first, no luck there. Then came across this site and downloaded the iso file. The first time I attempted to boot with the created CD, I was prompted to either Start Windows Normally or attempt to Repair. Of course, I chose Repair. I thought I finally was getting somewhere, but alas, it turned out no different then when trying to boot without the CD. It goes through a status bar where it says "Windows is loading files" then changed to a different Windows screen then finally just to the blue screen. I let it go for quite awhile when trying to boot from the CD, thinking perhaps it was doing something, but nothing ever happened. Now when I try to boot from the CD, I get absolutely nothing except a black screen, no blinking cursor, nothing. Help! Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for anyone who has any advice for me.
You need to enter the BIOS and make sure the CD drive is first in the boot sequence. When you attempt to boot the computer press a key when it prompts you to to boot from the CD (otherwise it attempts to boot the installation on the hard drive). You well know when you've done it right when you get the loading bar like you would normally see. We have instructions you can follow here on what you well need to do.
I had this issue with my hp vista laptop. I downloaded the repair cd and it didn't work so I downloaded Easybcd2.0. I told it to fix my vista boot files and problem solved. I'm not much of a computer person so i'm not saying this will work for you but it did work for me. good luck
I wish it were that simple...CD is first in the boot order. Perhaps I'll try the other suggestion. If anyone has anything else to add, please do!