Vista Won't boot up all the way.


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So my sister turned off the computer when it was frozen yesterday. And I tried to turn it back on, it does, but a black and white screen popped up after it loaded a little saying something like the computer had some errors in some drives or something. I forgot totally what it says, when I turn it on later, I'll post back here. But then it has two options on the menu, I guess its the boot menu, I believe it is, the two options says to boot up windows normally and the other option is to fix the problem.
I tried fixing it, but nothing works, I tried restoring my PC to the way it was a few days ago, but the Boot drive X: and some other drive wont restore, I believe. I'm going on memory, so it might seem a little vague.
And then I try to run windows normally, but it always goes back to the boot menu. I don't know what to do, Help!

Mak 2.0

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Give us the error message that it supplies and the options it gives you to fix it. We will be able to help more then.