Vista Wont Boot


hi , i have meet a new unexpected error in Vista.
this is what happend :
i had Vista and XP installed on two different volumes .
then the Xp one crashed .
i installed Vista on that volume and did nothing to remove the old installation .

it worked for a while i got to the point where i had updated all drivers and installed wanted software (Office etc.. )
then after a reboot it boots up in a console thingi ..
Bios post messages are all ok .
in this console i can choose to press esc to go to a menu where i can choose to boot Vista , Xp or Dos- something.
if i choose Vista in this menu it tries to boot but gives more some error messages saying it cant be found .
same with the other options.

i've tried to boot with the Vista DVD and i've tried to fix the startup with it ... "Could not repair.." and at last i tried to install Vista all over again . .
well the installation works fine all the way up to choosing username etc.. when the machine reboots the final time then the problem returns ...

i've tried to search Google and forums for this problem with no luck .. can someone help me ?
is there a way to fix this problem ?

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^ hello Lars ^_^

two different vulomes, do you mean actual Hard Drives, or different partitions.

If its different partitions, we will have to wait for Computer Guru

otherwise, have you tried going into the bootmenu

right after you power up your machine, tap Esc that should bring you up to the boot menu, where you can select which Hard drive to start first, try that first.
2 different partitions ... .and when i boot up with the vista dvd and go in commandpromt to type : bootrec /fixmbr " gives me "Operation completed successfully . but when i try bootrec /fixboot i get the folowing .:
"The volume does not contain a recognized filesystem. please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that volume is not corrupted."
i can browse between the different partitions and even copy files from one to another with no problems at all ( atm copying all important files in case of disk being FUBAR !)

so back to question : yes 2 different partitions on same disk.
Hi Teffie, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Did you try this command as well (in the recovery console)?
bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force