Vista wont go normal mode


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Hey everyone

I have got a bit of a problem on which I can't seem to find a good solution.

Recently I encountered a nasty Trojan Horse virus on my PC. Norton couldn't directly delete it and for some reason Vista had a critical error and rebooted. After this reboot Vista can't start up in normal mode. After the loading screen it just goes black before I am able to login. I can't see the mouse cursor and Ctrl+alt+del (suggested on other forums) doesn't work.

I can however run Vista in safe mode and here with some help of the Symantec websites (checked on my laptop) I was able to delete the Virus. After a full system scan by Norton it couldn;t find it anymore so thats gone.
But when I try rebooting in normal mode the screen remains black and I can't do anything. Does anyone maybe have a suggestion?

Many thanks!