Vista Won't Recognize my 4GB of Memory!


I have asus m2n mainboard... and amd x64 6000+ cpu... it can be work with 8gb ram .. whatever.. I was using 2 gb ram hi-level 800mhz 1 gb... then I bougth 2 new more... it's now 4gb.. the rams are the same... 1 gb 800 mhz hi-level ram... I'm pluging to mainboard it doesn't work.. only 2 gb ram are working... bios is seeing 4 gb ram but when my os is opening it's not seeing... vista 32 bit eng.... I think if I was use xp for example I must option in my boot.ini... I think I must write a parameter for example /PAE etc. but I'm using vista... so now what shoud I do? is there anybody here to help me? then I found easyBCD so.. maybe I thought somebody can help me here...

I searched so much about it...

these links are : ... x?mfr=true ... x?mfr=true
but here there is no knowledge in vista ... AEdrv.mspx ... ae_os.mspx ... ae_os.mspx

maybe this link helps me but I'm not sure...
maybe this code help me I thought
c:\bcdedit /set pae ForceEnable

what did I do then..
I updated my bios
I checked if there is a nx bit options... no more... results are negative... I'm waiting your message...
Hello evoto! :smile:


so your
mother board is this one right:

or this one:

or this one:

or this one:

or this one:


lots of M2N mobo's lol


okay so i purchased a asus board as well, I loved it! :grinning: great hardware!

now the only thing i could think of that would cause this is how you put the order of the RAM into the motherboard..

the yellow would go with the same, exactly same RAM pair, and the black the same. you know?

if you are running two, 1Gb Ram sticks in the first yellow and first black. that should be fine, im pretty sure. but if you entered the the next two in the next yellow and black, things wouldnt work right

but i re-read and saw that its all the same.. hm

your motherboard can support it, so thats not a problem.

have you tried switching out and booting only the New RAM, if it doesnt start up, i would think the RAM would be bad then. you know?

i dont know how helpful what i have said will be, im sorry if its useless :frowning:
I found the fix my problem thanks...
my problem is that...
asus m2n board doesn't works with all memory.. it works only that rams then.. asus support said 32 bits os don't work in 4 gb ram... so I must install vista 64bit... but I'm using sql server 2005 and .net 2005 so I must use 32 bit for now.. .net 2008 will release in 2008 so I can't use that for now.. what else... thanks for now a lot... bye
Hi evoto, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'm afraid that just because your BIOS reports 4GB, that does not mean that Vista will support it - it's buggy as hell and makes mistakes a lot of time. Technically, Vista 32-bit should support a maximum of 4GB, but we've seen a LOT of people with the same exact problem as yours.

Only workaround in the meantime is to remove a stick of RAM and use 3GB instead. :frowning:

yes dude... What can one do?/It´s a hopeless situation vista 32 bit ultimate doesn't work with 4 gb... just 3 gb....