Vista won't start after installing recovery discs



Hi guys. This will be repetitive info for many but I'm stuck like chuck. I'm a newbie trying to get a Gateway Laptop m 1412 series x64 to run without success. It's been completely formatted via an old old version of XP I had laying around. I was just making sure it wasn't the hard drive. After that I used the two recovery discs provided by gateway to restore the system (unfortunately they didn't provide the actual Vista program with the purchase) and I keep getting two error messages upon start up 1) System Configuration Data Read Error followed by F1 and F2 options. When I press F1 to resume I get the error about it not being able to read the boot configuration data relating to the file \boot\bcd status 0xc000000e. Plain and simple- windows won't start. Now I did my homework before this post because I absolutely hate to ask for help. Below are the steps I took to try to remedy the problem.

I read another post that deals specifically with this problem and downloaded the boot disc from Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download The NeoSmart Files. I was successful in converting that over to ISO but when I go in it's unable to make any repairs with the recovery options provided. I am able to get into the command prompt though. I experience the exact same thing as Kreston did in his post BCD Error Single OS Vista Ultimate - The NeoSmart Forums

"Went into the Command Prompt Options and tried to run the following with the last command that i try giving an errors follows:
"bootrec /fixmbr" returns "The operation completed successfully."
"bootrec /fixboot" returns "The operation completed successfully"
"bootrec /rebuildbcd" returns "Total identified Windows installation: 1"
[1] c:\windows
add installation to boot list? i say yes
The requestted system device cannot be found.\"

I then proceeded with step 4 -nuclear holocaust- Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki and get stuck on this:

x:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force

I replaced the x: with the cd drive which is E: and used whatever else the system would allow me to use. To no avail. Knowing I may have done something or missed something I'm starting over. I reinstalled the original recovery discs provided by gateway and ask for help in getting Vista up and running again. I know you guys can do it, I just need your helping hand. Thanks!