Vista won't start at all after windows update.


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I'm in a terrible pickle, it's my girlfriends computer, and I'm seeming rather unmanly as I haven't fixed this problem yet. :tongueout:

Anyhow... My girlfriends Dell(Inspiron 1720) laptop used automatic update and updated itself on wednesday, the next time she turned it on, it wouldn't boot at all.
Bluescreen no matter what. Safe mode, and all that jazz just won't work.
The only thing that does work is the repair mode, but restoring to an earlier point doesn't work for some reason, and repairing vista with the repair disc I got off this site won't work either.

I think the option of restoring the computer to it's fresh from factory state, or whatever it's name is, would work, but she is not fond of loosing all she's got on her system-disc and I would like to be able to fix it otherwise.

I've run the scans to check the hardware, and they say the hardware is peachy.

Could anybode help me?
Get an Ubuntu disc, run it in live mode without making changes to the system and use the computer option in the places menu to get an explorer like window you can use to copy important files to a safe place on another drive.
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