Vista (x32) Recovery from cd, what to do?


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I burned the recovery cdfrom your webpage:

And I think the burning process went well and I booted my laptop from cd. So far so good. Now I'm wondering what to do... :lup:

I'm getting window which says install windows vista but I don't want to lose any of my data on my laptop. So if I click next does the cd only recover Vista or does it do something else?

My problem started with updating Vista and now my laptop is on the loop and does not go in to Vista at all.

Hi Lily, welcome to NST.
You can't use the "Install" button. (It will just fail - the CD contains no installation files).
Use the link at the bottom left - "Repair your Computer", and follow the Instructions in the wiki.
So what the hell is the point of having the boot CD when the "repair your computer" is already built into Vista pre-boot menu?


I think I just answered my own question... maybe if your partition is so corrupt (it won't boot at all) so you can get to the Command Prompt and do a chkdsk and test other stuff?? am I right?
It's just provided for users who can't boot the PC and weren't provided with a Vista /W7 DVD by their OEM, to repair the boot with.
Yes, the builtin options are useful but if something happens as you said with the disk/partition beyond Windows not being able to start than in this case a disc would be useful instead.