Vista x64 boot up problem


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When trying to startup my PC I get as far as the 2nd black screen. When it tries to boot up I receive the error 'DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER'. As I have no official repair disc, I have downloaded the Windows Vista Recovery disc 64-bit and burned it onto CD as per the instructions and your site. When I insert the recovery disc and press enter it says it is loading windows files and displays a white progress bar. When this is complete it takes me to the black screen with the windows green progress bar as if it is booting up. However, nothing else happens it just remains on this screen. Have I done anything wrong or is my PC really goosed??

Really appreciate any advice here guys!
Can you get into safe-mode or do last known good configuration from the advanced options menu without the disc using F8 before Vista starts to load?